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Enjaz for public services is pleased to present its services in reviewing all governmental departments  to save your time and your efforts.We have experience that makes you feeling comfortable.We know that there are problems and the lack of credibility in the other public service offices.We will not talk about our credibility,but make yourexperiment with us the best evidence for that.You will see our perfect services by yourself,So be sure that your satisfaction is our concern.We guarantee safety of your organization’s papers and regulations and we are honored to deal with you wherever you are.

– Our services include the following: Royal Court – All Ministries – Courts legitimacy – Board of grievances – investment Authority – Saudi Commission for health specialties – civil Defense- extraction permits municipalities passports in all departments, the Office of the labor of all departments and to develop sound foundations towards achieving Saudization ratios required by activity so applications ranges system at the hands of the owners of the news of consultants In this field, social insurance and belongings of the contributions and the exclusion according to established systems and payment

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