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30 Mar 2017 1191

Specialized in following up the cases of companies whose disputed amounts exceed SR 100 million through (providing full-time lawyers, legal advisers throughout the hour, defense, auditing, follow-up, consulting, writing all letters and regulations)

In the beginning, the rights between the rights and obtained a short distance shortened in a few days because we are confident that the lengthening is the wrong decision in choosing the right ways to achieve them, and address here all aware and aware that his stolen rights is around the corner or that every huge amount required of him But it only requires the experience of the veteran, the statement of the jurisprudence and the wisdom of the lawyer, those who walk in short ways and exceed the dates of months and years. This is done when you choose us to get the honor of receiving your case and pleading for you and presenting the regulations and the defense in any court and in any of the cities To provide lawyers and legal advisers full-time around the clock until the end of your case according to a new vision in the transaction depends on the first class to submit private electronic reports to you after each session, either through your email or SMS messages including legal opinion we offer you as well as intelligent views leading to agreements With the deduction of the principle of obtaining the rights of them or to them according to the criteria in the negotiation to achieve the highest level of achievement on the pattern of fair swap if you wish to and because we deny ourselves to go into the hurdles of differences in fare and how to pay and so on and our confidence in our large cadres, We are committed to returning the first batch if we fail to achieve any progress of your case and will mention this in the context of contracts between us and in order to devote full time to your case and not to enter into small cases, we have taken upon ourselves to engage our cadres in any human rights issue not exceeding 100 million riyals However, our percentage in any case does not exceed 7% of its value, and this is in the first two installments at the time of the writing of the contract and the second after the judgment in favor of you or reach a certain amount that you would like and we will be subject to all legal written contracts in accordance with the legal legislation in force in the country. Our services are valid Please kindly send your initial request including the type of case and amount of claim

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