Shari’a Courts and the Board of Grievances

– We have experience to follow cases of companies that its disputed amount of money exceeds one hundred million Saudi Riyal by providing (full-time lawyers, counsel, pleading, defense, vindication, consultation, and writing all letters and regulations).

We have the honor to choose us to receive your case and defense for you in any court and in any city of the kingdom and provide lawyers and counsels until finishing your case due to new vision depends on writing electronic reports for you after every session by sending an  e-mail or sms containing legal opinion in addition to smart opinions lead to agreements with litigants to obtain rights from them according to standards of negotiation that ensures to reach maximum level of collection due to fair barter regardless of the fees and the way of paying, we are obliged to repay the first payment in case of not achieving progress of your case and all of this will be obvious in the contract between us and you. And for the sake of your case, we aren’t accepting the small cases so our cadres don’t accept cases that its disputed amount of money less than one hundred million Saudi Riyal, and so our fees don’t exceed 7% of value of any case and that will be on two payments, the first payment will be at writing the contract and the second payment will be after judgment for you or getting a certain amount of money accepted by you and all of this will be according to legal written contract identical to legal legislation. So you can send your initial request including type of the case and the amout of disputed money.

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