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Shari’a Courts and the Board of Grievances

تعقيب وزارة العدل

We specialize in following up the company cases that its disputed amounts exceed SR 100 million. We deal with it through providing full-time lawyers, 24\7 legal advisers, defense, auditing, follow-up, consulting, and writing all letters and regulations.
First, we believe that the distance between rights and the way to obtain them is short because we shorten the path of access in a few days, and because we are pretty sure that elongating these distances is choosing the wrong way to do so. To all who are aware that the matter of restore their stolen rights is around the corner, and that requires paying less money, but they only need experienced veterans and talented lawyers, who shorten the roads in less time, this is what we offer. If we are honored that you pick our service to receive your case, defending and providing the required information and following up according to the laws and regulations in any court in the Kingdom. We also offer lawyers and legal advisors all the time until the case is resolved, through a different view of dealing depends primarily on submitting electronic reports to you after each session via e-mail, or SMS messages. These reports are attached to our legal advice we provide, in addition to smart visions that guarantee you reaching an agreement with the opponent and guarantee that you will obtain your rights according to special criteria in negotiation to guarantee the 100% rights recovery. That may be done through fair bartering for both parties if you like. Since we avoid ourselves from engaging in trivial battles over payments, how to pay and so on, and since we fully trust our cadres, we are committed to returning the first payment of the agreed amount if we fail to achieve any progress in your case. This will be written in the contracts between us. Besides, in order for us to be fully devoted to your case and not to be preoccupied with small issues, we pledge not to entrust our cadres any legal case whose amount does not exceed SR 100 million. It is worth mentioning that our percentage in any case does not exceed 7% of its disputed amount, paid in two installments. The first payment is received when signing the contract and the second payment will be at the end of your case, or after settling the situation. All of that will be written in legal contracts in accordance with the legal legislation in force in the country. To request our services, please send an initial request with the type of case and the amount of the dispute.


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